Throughout the course of my life there have been many times I have had to call a "professional" only to regret it afterwards. We have all experienced it from time to time:

They don't show up at all

They show up late without letting us know

They show up and work at a snail's pace

They charge ridiculous amounts of money for simple things

They treat us like our business did not matter to them

They generally disrespect us and our time

Anyway, as many of us have done, I started learning how to do things for myself. During the learning process I have saved lots of time, money and headaches. There are still things I can't do or prefer not to do but I do handle a lot of stuff and am here to pass those services on to you.

If you choose to hire me for your project I promise I will always treat you like I would like to be treated. I will be there in the stated time frame or if unforeseen events happen causing a delay, I will call you immediately. I will work hard when I am there. I will quote all costs up front before any work starts. I will not ask for or accept payment until you are satisfied with the results (some larger jobs will require periodic payments with established checkpoints). Most importantly I will treat you with all the respect and consideration you deserve.

Mia, the cat, just wanted to say hi!