Since starting Resi Do I have taken on many types of work. Here is a sample of some of the things I have done. I always strive to complete the requested project as best as I can while maintaining economy and value for the customer.

The Backyard Overhaul

This couple just wanted a clean and uncluttered yard that was easy to maintain!

The left side
The right side
Another right side
Stump dig out, not fun!
Left side complete
Right side complete
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The Small Deck

This customer just wanted a nice place to relax and the end of a long day. The new deck was not painted because the customer wanted to be the one to do that.

The Modular Home

The Broken Bridge

The Gazebo

Gazebo before

Gazebo before

This structure was worn and faded.

Gazebo after

Gazebo after

I replaced some of the wood on this, sanded most of the surfaces and stained it to a beautiful transformation. Happy customers are a good thing!

Yard Clean Ups

The Gravel Path

This is a small mountain cabin out of my normal service area deep in the mountains. The customer wanted a nice gravel pathway.


Bush and Tree Trimming

The Garage Clean Up

The Garage Over Haul

Prep, texture and paint the walls.

Clean, etch, and epoxy the floor.

One happy customer......

Garage before

Garage before

Garage after

Garage after

The Entryway

The Rocky Garden

Too many rocks
Ready for planting

Assorted Fencing

Chain link
Spaced picket

The Garden Area

I was contacted by this homeowner's daughter through email.

These garden areas had become too hard to manage. They decided to go with simple.