What services do I provide?

This page is intended to give an idea of what I am able to do and what I am not able to do. The best way to know for sure is to contact me through phone or email. If your project sounds like it is within my scope of work, I will come to you at your project location FOR FREE and discuss your needs with you. 


It could be trash, junk, yard waste or just plain old clutter. If you want it gone I will make it so. Dump runs and donation runs are common. I will not dispose of hazardous materials or large quantities of heavy materials such as rocks, dirt or concrete.


Lawn mowing, weed pulling, short tree and bush trimming, generalized yard care and minor landscaping projects also fall into this section. I don't do full property landscapes or build large decks.


Not to be confused as housekeeping, this would be more along the lines of generalized cleaning and organizing. Maybe you forgot what your garage looks like and need someone to come in, build some shelves and go through piles of stuff and organize it. Imagine being able to park your car in your garage again.....

Gutter clean outs and general trash pickup on property also fall in here.

Just about anything that I can safely load in my trailer I will haul. Furniture, appliances, motorcycles, garden tractors, etc. My trailer is roughly 5' x 10 with about a 2000# capacity. I have tarps, straps, blankets, dollies, etc. Again, I will not haul hazardous material, large quantities of heavy material, extremely fragile or extremely valuable items.


I will do some minor painting such as single rooms or sheds, etc. Specialty painting, high end finishes or large structure painting I prefer to leave to the specialists.


Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands attached to a strong back. I have done this for a few customers. I don't work super cheap but I do work hard and efficiently. Rates are based on what is being done.

Things in this category would include replacement or installation of light fixtures, faucets, garage door openers, door locks, garbage disposals, ceiling fans, broken fence slats, cabinet repair and other common household issues. Some drywall repair. Some phone and cable repair. I don't run new plumbing or electrical through walls. I don't do remodels.


This is more of an all inclusive property interior and exterior clean and fix. Customers that this would benefit would be landlords whose tenants have left property full of junk and in general disarray. This service is also beneficial to folks who have had family members pass away and they find themselves caring for an estate that they do not have time for.


Some things are best left to the people that specialize in them and other things are just out of my league. I don't do anything that involves building permits or special licenses. I don't do roofing, flooring, tile work, in wall plumbing or electrical, heating or AC, concrete work, anything involving hazardous materials and anything that is unsafe or illegal.

Fully Insured